Sludge and liquid waste vacuum suction and transportation in any weather condition, any application, any kind of job ,Test Sanat supplies  equipments reaching  the highest performance level.

Being fully customized according to any specific needs in waste water treatments, municipalities, oily sludge, Steel Plants and Mineral industrial plants, … Test Sanat offers equipment as a unique piece, different from any other, in terms of accessories, use, and features.













Complete with well known vacuum pumps as rotary vane ,Liquid ring and air blowers with high quality accessories and components upon the needed application and with air capacity from 400 to 6500 m3/h.
Each unit is severely tested, we provide the customer with use and maintenance instructions.
We grant constant support and service with the maximum care

Equipment installed upon trucks, roll on – off, trailers, and semi-trailers, suitable for sludge and liquid suction .

The vacuum pump and other devices can be driven by a total pto installed on the main propeller shaft, by an auxiliary engine or with a direct engine pto.
Equipped with suction devices such as: hose boom, various types of suction hose reels, assembled on the tank rear door, or on the top of it, tank tipping cylinder and other peripherals