Combi trucks  or Vac jet – liquid waste suction combined to high pressure cleaning.
Being fully customized according to any specific need, each equipment is a unique piece, and is different from any other, in terms of accessories, use, and features.

Combi trucks (Jetting & Suction)    Combi trucks (Jetting & Suction)

Complete with Top brands of vacuum and pressure pumps, accessories, and components.
Each unit is severely tested, we provide the customer with use and maintenance instructions.

Combi trucks (Jetting & Suction)

Combi trucks (Jetting & Suction)Combi trucks (Jetting & Suction)


We grant constant support and service with the maximum care.

Vac-jet unit combining suction to high pressure cleaning pump, with different types of hose reels for sewer lines washing depending on the available power of truck can apply the jetting and vacuum system separately or simultanously.
Various types of water compartments according to the requested water volume, overall balance of the equipment, and design  could be designed as : front water compartment, tank in tank, mobile partition, and side water tanks.